Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here

  • Is Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ easy to install?

    With a patented high bond adhesive system to make installation secure, hassle-free and fast, no holes need to be drilled and no brackets or screws need to be put in place. It can easily be fitted to tile, corrugated and Trimdek metal roofing.
    Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ can be installed by an accomplished home handyperson but for the best result, and to ensure the product guarantee, use our Quick Search to find an installer near you or phone us on 1300 456 678.

  • I’m in a fire-prone region and constantly worried about the leaf litter collecting in my gutters. How will your product help me?

    The key difference between Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ and other gutter guard products is the UV resistant, anti-corrosive, small aperture mesh. Boasting the highest CSIRO flammability index rating, it is flame resistant and stops even the smallest amount of debris from falling into your gutters. The best gutter guard on the market, you can be confident that your gutters will remain clear year-round. Just hose them out once every six to twelve months.

  • I like the idea of installing a gutter guard but won’t everyone see it?

    Our entire range has been customised to suit a variety of locations, roof types and colour schemes. We stock Colourbond® colours that are certain to blend with your roof colour.

  • I hear and read a lot about Embers, is there any standards for this?

    Yes there is, the Building Codes of Australia (BCA) says that when you are in an area that need to protect against fire, that there are certain areas around your home that have to have “a non-combustible material with holes no more the 2mm” so please be assured when choosing Leaf Free Gutter Guard, our products meet this Australian Standard.


    Enjoy absolute peace of mind with our ironclad guarantee. We are supremely confident that you will love our products and the backing of our established 20-year business.


    Handpicked and highly qualified, our expert installers are trained to work specifically with our product range using application methods that will ensure a long-lasting result.


    Super-simple to maintain, just quickly hose out your gutters once every six to twelve months and your gutters will be perfect. Plus our Certified Installers have an offer to do this for you. Structural Warranty.